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eased as evening advanced.I●t so happened that all the Barclay ▓family who were “out” were engaged that eve●ning; Mr.and Mrs.Barclay, ▓and their two elder daughters, at a card● and mu


sical soirée; the other two, and their b●rothers, under the chaperonage● of Mrs.Smith, the gouvernante, at the▓ ball to which Clara looked forward with▓ so much eagerness.What was● to be done The child could not be left;▓ and without Mrs.Smith, what was to become of h●er sisters It was impossible fo

r ▓them to go alone, and equally imposs▓ible for mother, father, or either si●ster of the little sufferer, to gi●ve up a fashionable party for the dreadful d●oom of sitting by a sick bed. Looks and hints● of every variety were levelled at C▓lara; who, with her usual benevole▓nce, had stationed herself close by● her little cousin, ever ready to administe▓r kindness or relief.At any oth●er time, she would not have hesita▓ted a moment; but with the restless craving to▓ see Granville Dudle

y again, the giving● up her only chance, fo

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r a time at least, w▓as so exquisitely painful, she could not offer ▓to remain.Mrs.Barclay, however, seeing hints o●f no avail, at length directly en▓treated that, as she was less fond o


f going out▓ than any one else, she might be glad o▓f the excuse, to give the time to her books● and writing, and it would really be doing h●er (Mrs.Barclay) an especial favour if sh▓e would stay and nurse Emily.Clara’s● high spirit, and strong sense of selfi▓sh indulgence, obtained such unusual do▓minion, that she had well-nigh proud▓ly refused; but the little sufferer looked in● her face so piteously, and entrea▓ted her so pleadingly to remai▓n, that, ever awake to the impuls▓e of affection, Miss Stanley consented. The ▓disappointment was a bitter one, though ●Clara’s strong sense of rectit▓ude caused her to reproach herself

for its ke▓enness, as uncalled for.What did Granvi●lle Dudley care for her, that she sh●ould so think of him but vain th●e question.Every backward glance on t▓heir intercourse convinced her that he had tho▓ught of her, had singled her out, t●o pay her those attentions, that gent▓le and winning deference, wh▓ich, from a man of honour, such as the world▓ designated him, could not be misco▓nstrued.There was one comfort, how●ever, in her not meeting him; if he knew wh●at kept her at home, he

would s▓carcely continue to believe that he

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r ●only thoughts were of literature and authors▓hip. Little did she know ●that, before they departed on the●ir several ways, it was settled● in the Barclay parliament that● nothing whatever was to be said of litt▓le Emily’s illness, lest people should fancy▓ it contagious, and send them no more invi●tations, so closing th


eir chances o●f matrimony for that season, bef▓ore it was quite time

. “If Clara is aske●d for, my dears—which is not at all

likely—●you can say you know that she

c▓ould not leave her writing,

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